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FULL Er Ist Wieder Da 2015 German 720p BluRay 800 MB - IExTV

Er Ist Wieder Da (2015): A Satirical Black Comedy about Hitlers Return

What if Adolf Hitler woke up in the 21st century and became a YouTube sensation? Thats the premise of Er Ist Wieder Da (2015), a German film based on the 2012 novel of the same name by Timur Vermes. The film features unscripted vignettes of Oliver Masucci as Hitler interacting with ordinary Germans, interspersed with scripted storyline sequences.

FULL Er Ist Wieder Da 2015 German 720p BluRay 800 MB - IExTV

The film begins in Berlin, 2014. Hitler wakes up in the park where his Führerbunker once stood. As he wanders, disoriented, through the city, he interprets modern situations and things from a wartime perspective. Everyone he meets assumes he is an actor impersonating Hitler. Attempting to ask directions to the Reich Chancellery, Hitler is told by a mime to find his own spot and pepper-sprayed by a terrified young mother. Arriving at a newspaper kiosk and reading that it is 2014, he becomes dizzy and faints.

Meanwhile, moviemaker Fabian Sawatzki is fired from the television station MyTV and despondently watches the documentary he had been filming in the park where Hitler awoke. Seeing Hitler in the background, Sawatzki begins searching for him in hopes of getting his job back. Waking at the kiosk, Hitler begins to read about modern Germany. Through the newspapers he discovers a completely different nation from the one he left and not one agreeable to him. Lamenting that Poland still exists on formerly German soil, Hitler says the whole war was a waste. He decides that destiny has resurrected him for a reason and vows to continue his work.

After finding the kiosk, Sawatzki proposes to travel across Germany with Hitler and film him for YouTube. Hitler agrees, and the two leave together. Travelling from the North Sea Coast to Bavaria, Sawatzki films Hitler interacting with ordinary Germans and promising to solve their problems with immigrants and guest-workers.

The film is a satire of modern Germany and its media culture, as well as a commentary on the rise of right-wing populism in Europe. The film shows how Hitlers rhetoric and charisma can still appeal to some people, while others find him hilarious and charming. The film also explores how Hitler would react to contemporary issues such as democracy, feminism, multiculturalism, environmentalism, and technology.

Er Ist Wieder Da (2015) is directed by David Wnendt and stars Oliver Masucci as Adolf Hitler, Fabian Busch as Fabian Sawatzki, Katja Riemann as Katja Bellini, Christoph Maria Herbst as Christoph Sensenbrink, Franziska Wulf as Franziska Krömeier, and Michael Kessler as Michael Witzigmann. The film was released on October 8, 2015 in Germany and received mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences. The film was also nominated for two German Film Awards for Best Film and Best Actor.

If you are looking for a dark comedy that will make you laugh and think at the same time, Er Ist Wieder Da (2015) is a film you should watch. You can download it in German language and 720p BluRay quality with 800 MB from IExTV. c481cea774


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