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Happy Birthday to Envision Total Wellness


I would like to personally say THANK YOU to ALL that have helped make my dream of owning my own business come true! There are truly too many to thank personally, as I am fortunate to have such a deep and wide fortress of supporters and community partners!

With owning your own business comes SO much; tireless hours, continuing education, and wearing every hat that is necessary on any given day. I have strived to build a brand that matches the vision! Countless opportunities seem right that are not and countless more seem risky and yet need to be taken. Ascertaining. Wisdom. Growth. Secret Agent kind of stuff-my favorite!

I would like to thank EVERY client, patient, coach, and athlete! You are the reason I put my feet on the floor each morning!

Also, my TEAM of fearless warriors that battle along side of me daily @ETW. Carolyn, Winopa, Alyson, Jen, and Kathleen there are NO words to express the gratitude I feel daily that you caught the vision, counted the cost, and JUMPED to assist so many toward Total Wellness.

It is an honor to serve and love this community together.

Celebrate with me, won’t you?

Envision Total Wellness!

(To many many more)

*Dana Alexander

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