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Transformational Coaching

Envision Total Wellness presents: 
Healthier YOU | 6-week program 

In life & in wellness, offense is the best defense!

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We focus on transforming YOU - Mind, Body, and Heart. 

What if we didn't wait to win the war on wellness until we were losing?

Healthier YOU

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6 weekly sessions available in-person or virtual through online classes.  

Envision Healthier You 

September 19, 2023

"A Diamond in the Rough"

#1 Defining the Dream

#2 Finding the Team

#3 Being Okay with Being Misunderstood

#4 Never Compromising

#5 Train Not to Complain

#6 Putting in the Work

Are you a diamond in the rough? Me too!  And, that is the cool thing about life...together we are ONE!  We are building a community of Total Wellness and YOU certainly belong!


EHY, THIS SEPTEMBER, we will become a lot less rough and a whole lot more diamond!


Join us as we navigate our internal drive to becoming who we are created to be.


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6 Sessions $120

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Are you Ready to be a Healthier YOU?