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A Faith-Based Approach to Wellness

Envision Total Wellness presents: 
Healthier YOU | 8-week program 

What if everything came into ALIGNMENT?

Could my faith impact my health journey? 

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We focus on the whole YOU - Mind, Body, and Heart. 

What if you could let go of the worry and struggle to be in control of it ALL? 

Healthier YOU




Live your BEST life!

Find your Motivator!
These classes offer faith-based life coaching/practical application/wellness action plan.

8 weekly sessions available in-person or virtual through online classes.  

Hour & Half Combination of Bible & Faith based study & wellness action plan

Envision Healthier YOU is a program like NO other! EHU is written specifically with YOU in mind.  With over the 20+ years of EHU in existence, the evidence of life change toward wellness is proven.  The execution of the EHU practical application is designed to empower YOUR transformation to YOUR total wellness.


We ALL need and desire WELLNESS but how do we get to our Envisioned Total Wellness?  In other words, how do you get from where you are to where you want to be?

It requires the ACTION!


A total wellness action plan, is the key to focusing your efforts toward your desired results.

This is the program where your faith and your wellness get action thus you will begin living your best life-one practical action step at a time.  Power in transformation is the connection of your MIND, BODY, and HEART. Where those three unite inside of YOU, YOUR faith will be ignited and transformation becomes essential.

A Healthier YOU is for YOU - In this 8 - week session we look at our faith in a higher power as a strength to be tapped into.  We implement a customized workout in each session where we will put our faith in action.  We all have everyday life struggles, adversities, and celebrations AND now we have a place to come together and navigate through each one. Weekly classes offer:

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Are you Ready to be a Healthier YOU? 


Fitness Class
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This was the jump start I needed to focus on my health.  I am looking and feeling better.  Dana gave me the push I needed to put my health first. 

Middle Aged Woman


Healthier You was a lot of fun and I really learned the tools I needed to get healthy - Mindy, Body and Heart.  Loved these classes!

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These classes helped me understand how my mind, body and faith all work together.  My overall health is improved and I now have the knowhow to keep working towards my goals. 

There is no shame in your current reality.  That is NOT a method to success.  Where you feel shameful you will not have the capacity to grow into the person you are created you to become.  I am NOT into that.  YOU are critical to this world and are a solution created to benefit lives those around you, however, IF you are not well, you cannot live your best life.  YOUR-Healthier YOU- life!


Here’s the thing- I want you WELL!  My heart beats for it. I literally put my feet on the floor in the morning to see my patients, clients, and athletes become Whom they were created to be and have what they are created to have.  So, let’s shoulder up to becoming, together, healthier today than we were yesterday!


The transformational coaching is absolutely critical!  

- Dana Alexander, CEO

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Session Begins



Wednesdays - 2022

6:00 - 7:30 pm

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Join us in person at

1649 Broadway, Hanover, PA

or virtually online, currently hosted on our private Facebook group. 

Link will be provided once you sign up.