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Transformational Coaching

Envision Total Wellness presents: 
Healthier YOU | 6-week program 

In life & in wellness, offense is the best defense!


We focus on transforming YOU - Mind, Body, and Heart. 

What if we didn't wait to win the war on wellness until we were losing?

Healthier YOU

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6 weekly sessions available in-person or virtual through online classes.  

Envision Healthier You 

September 21st 2022


#1 Going Places; O’ the places you will GO

#2 Sound Mind = PEACE

#3 Execute Your Greatness

#4 The Possibilities are Endless

#5 A Part of the WHOLE

#6 Your Dream is Too Small - Set up for Future


Have you ever sat down and dreamt? Like…pondered where you are going and IF you are on course to where you would like to be?


EHY, THIS SEPTEMBER, we are going to be dreaming our best and biggest dreams!


Life has thrown you some unexpected curve balls.  The VID-19 has made us question much BUT, actually …these things have come to propel YOU into reaching your dreams and accomplishing TOTAL WELLNESS goals.


We can’t stop!

We won’t stop!


We GO!


Join us as we navigate our internal drive to becoming who we are created to be.  


Your Wellness is PossibleDANA
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6 Sessions $100


Are you Ready to be a Healthier YOU? 


Fitness Class
Woman in a Red Dress


This was the jump start I needed to focus on my health.  I am looking and feeling better.  Dana gave me the push I needed to put my health first. 

Middle Aged Woman


Healthier You was a lot of fun and I really learned the tools I needed to get healthy - Mindy, Body and Heart.  Loved these classes!

Man with Tattoo


These classes helped me understand how my mind, body and faith all work together.  My overall health is improved and I now have the knowhow to keep working towards my goals.